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(The prayer lottery?)

Who wants to be an answered prayer?

It's only easy if you know the answer!

The truth is that we can know the answer before we pray if we look at the answer book, the Bible.

The bible shows that God always answer (A) No, to anything that is wrong, eg will you give me permission to murder my neighbour!

The answer is always (C) wait, once you have prayed. God says wait until the answer to your prayer is manifest. Sometime the things we pray for take time to materialise in this world.

The answer is always (D) if you... God always says He will answer prayer if we ask in faith. To pray in faith we must be born again and we must spend time in His Word, the Bible, because faith commenth by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

So the answer is always (A) Yes, to anything we ask for that a) God's word promises us, b) we ask for in faith believing we receive it the moment we pray and c) we wait in faith for it to be manifest in this world.

That is not our opinion, that is what the Bible says, so that is what God has said. What God says is so!



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